FAQ v1

How to Use StretchLaces
How do I install StretchLaces?

While lacing your shoes for the first time, keep your foot in the shoe and lace upward. If that is not possible just be sure to leave enough room for your foot to slip in and out. Lace each end into the base and ensure that lace lengths are even before weaving them through the lace holes. Keep the laces flat while lacing upward, ensure there are now twists.

Pull the bow TAUT while ensuring you are leaving enough room to get your foot in/out.

How do I adjust for a comfortable fit?

Adjust them as you would normal laces, however our laces have a bit more staying power so you'll have to work your way down or up one-by-one for each strap. To loosen start from the top - closet to your ankle, to tighten start from the bottom - closest to your toes.

How do I keep my laces from coming untied?

You've been tying your shoes wrong, watch our video below on a strong tie.

It's all about the fit. You know you have a good fit if the laces do not graze the ground when tied. The more floppy the lace, the more chances that it will come untied.

If you're laces broke you probably had the wrong fit. We recommend that the bow and the loose ends should hit the top portions of the foot. If they are any longer we find that they can start to get tangled up and be less likely to stay tied.

What size should I buy?

It’s easy to swap your old laces!

The most accurate way (that ensures the BEST fit) is to measure the laces that you’re looking to replace and find the closest match to one of our sizes.

If your current laces are too long (size our laces down) or short (size our laces up).

If you're unable to measure, please feel free to use our size guide.

The Original Stretchlace Size Guide
Will these fit in my hightops, boots, cleats, sk8-high, chukkas, or dress shoes?

Yes! Our laces come in flat or round, and with 9 lengths and 15 colors to choose from we've got you covered. Both laces are great for sneakers or boots. If your shoe originally has a flat lace, go with flat. If your shoe has a round or oval lace, go with round. Or mix it up!

How long does shipping take?

For Domestic U.S. orders, our default shipping is USPS First Class Mail - tracking number is provided. Typically, your order is picked and packed within 24 hours of order placement.

We ship from Boise, Idaho. Depending on the final destination, your package will arrive 1 (West Coast) to 4 (East Coast) days after you place your order. If you need your order in a timely manner please contact us.

For international orders, we ship USPS International First Class and UPS. Depending on location, transit times range from 4-15 days.

I'm not in the U.S. how does International shipping work?

Please be informed International orders may be subject to taxes and duties as per country regulations. In this case, the customer is responsible for paying any import costs to the shipping carrier, such as VAT, duties and clearing fees, upon delivery. This is a separate expense from our shipping fee. If you would like help in calculating this additional expense prior to purchasing, please reach out to us and we'll try our best to help!

For international orders, we ship USPS International First Class and UPS. Depending on location, transit times range from 4-15 days.