Turn Every Shoe into a Slip on


Stretch Beyond Your Limits

Bounce, stretch, jump, run...our laces are designed to support any and all movement no matter the activity.

Fashion & Function

We are the only elastic stretch shoelace that looks like classic lace ups and works on all types of shoes and boots. 

Slip on, Get out

Make every lace up a slip on, giving you the ultimate freedom and support you need to take on the day. 



Elderly & Mobility Impaired


Casual Dress

Life hack #568. Saves you time in the morning and at night. Great buy.

- Jason

Once you have them the way you want them tied you will never have to tie them again. Highly recommend these high-quality shoelaces!!!

R. Lierman

Due to arthritis I have a terrible time tying shoe laces. I can now slip into my walking shoes with no difficulty and no pain. Highly recommend this product.

-J. Samuels

These are totally indistinguishable from normal shoelaces but have just the right amount of stretch to slip your shoes on easily. I previously had elastic shoelaces that were just thin elastic bands, but these are much higher quality and actually feel like normal laces.

-Brian DiGiorgio

Turned my "Chucks" into easy on and off shoes--great for shopping days when you are trying on clothes. They also look like regular shoelaces.

-Amazon Customer

Originally I bought a set of these for my youngest son, who was struggling at the time with tying his shoes, and it made his life easier until he got up to speed. Then, I realized I hate tying/untying my Vans I loaf around in, so I bought a set for me, too. Would recommend... They're very stretchy and now that pair of shoes just pulls on and off.


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