8 Reasons Why Seniors Are Switching to Elastic Shoelaces

8 Reasons Why Seniors Are Switching to Elastic Shoelaces

    1. No more huffing, puffing, and bending over to tie those laces

    2. Arthritis, neuropathy and diabetes are just a few examples of disease that can cause issue with lace up shoes. Elastic laces gets their independence back

    3. Supportive and comfortable in all the right spots.  No more hot spots, or uncomfortable pressure points, just pure bliss for their feet

    4. Comfort doesn’t have to be ugly. The Original Stretchlace gives them the ability to buy any sneaker they desire

    5. Physical Therapist recommended

    6. Helpful recovery assistant (surgery, stroke, injury)

    7. They go incognito, look like regular laces

    8. Give them freedom and confidence for independent dressing


    Read what seniors are saying about our stretchlaces...


    Wonderful idea! Due to arthritis I have a terrible time tying shoe laces. Got these to go with my black walking shoes. The length was just right and they look like normal shoe laces. I can now slip into my walking shoes with no difficulty and no pain. Highly recommend this product.

    - J Samuels



    This simple product helped me use my current shoes after foot surgery. My right foot was swollen and longer than my left after surgery and the shoe strings flexibility helped me reduce pressure where I needed it. Great solution and super low price.

    - D. Gerlach



    These were perfect for my husband of 65 years of age. Nothing fancy, nothing too technical just plain ole laces but stretchy. He had a hip replacement and can’t bend over to tie his shoes. These worked perfectly!

    - P. Short



    My husband (61) recently had a stroke. He is too young to be so dependent in so many areas of self care. I need to help him with so much, and he is coming along nicely with his rehabilitation. But not being able to completely dress himself was so discouraging.Then I found out about your stretch laces.What a difference it has made. I laced his sneakers, tied them up once, and I'm done! Now he can easily put on his sneakers himself, and can regain some of his independence.Plus they look and feel like regular laces. So no one will ever know his secret!What a terrific product.They would be helpful for anyone with any fine motor loss or arthritis in their hands.As a Geriatric Care Manager I intend to recommend these to my clients and their families. My only problem is that my husband won't give up his shoes for me to take along to show others (LOL)Thank you for a great product!

    - R. Rubin



    My dad has mobility issues and was having a hard time not only bending over to tie his laces due to balance problems, but having trouble tying them as he has arthritis and neuropathy in his fingers. His physical therapist recommended these and they are easy to use and work great. These together with an extra long shoehorn means Dad can put his sneakers on take them off easily. Turns your laced shoes into slip-ons. Easier for older folks to use than some of the fancier ones on the market.

    - A. Reading