6 Reasons Why Moms Need To Splurge On Elastic Shoelaces

6 Reasons Why Moms Need To Splurge On Elastic Shoelaces

1. Safety Hazard No More

We see them on playgrounds everywhere, untied laces just waiting to make their move.  Once you have the perfect fit, just doubleknot and you’ve just turned their tie up shoe into a slip-on. Genius.  

2. Rite of Passage

Shoe tying is a rite of passage, between the ages of 6-10 kids will develop fine motor skills that are necessary for a good tie.  In today’s hectic pace it’s hard to find the time (ie: rushing out the door to catch the bus) to practice this important life skill. With The Original Stretchlace your kids can practice tying when convenient or just slip-on and go.

3. Fit Right In

When you have a kiddo who’s unable or behind on tying their shoes they can start to feel frustrated.  Their other options are velcro shoes, or wearing other elastic laces that look different (hardware, curly laces). Sometimes you just want to blend in with the crowd.  With The Original Stretchlace you can do just that, nobody will know the difference.

4. Teachers Will Love You

Certain teachers will spend a good amount of time tying unsanitary laces.  Give them a break.

5. Make Those Shoes Last

There’s nothing like buying a new pair of shoes and having to buy another pair 2 months later.  Even if kids know how to tie, they will still wrench their shoes on and off. This provides extra wear on the heel and is harder on the shoe in general.  Preserve that shoe, and turn that tie shoe into a slip-on.

6. Unfrazzle Those Nerves

Every Mom knows that kids can get emotional or frustrated when they are unable to tie their shoes.  This is especially trying when you’re trying to get out the door in a hurry for school, game, piano practice, etc.! Save yourselves from the exasperation and get those elastic laces.  Take any help you can get!


Here's what other parents are saying about our stretchlaces...


My ten year old doesn’t tie his shoes tightly enough and my husband got tired of always seeing his shoelaces dangle on the ground getting tattered to shreds. I bought a pair of these elastic laces, laced up his shoes, then tied a tight double knot. He can now slip them on and off easily and the knot hasn’t come undone in the slightest since we have used them. He’s a VERY active kid and is hard on shoes and these are exactly what we needed... I’m going to buy more every time we get him new shoes! I highly recommend them!

- Ris Weaver



I bought these laces as a replacement for the original laces in my 5 year old's high top sneakers. They are a gorgeous color, and they seem to be very durable and stretchy. She loves the hot pink and I appreciate that they will extend the life of her shoes.

- L. Wheeler



These are the best laces ever! I like them better than “hickies!” (A tie system I bought from Amazon.” My grandson got a pair of high Van sneakers for Bk2Skl and it was difficult to get them on quickly. These laces did the trick! There is enough stretch to not have to fully undo them but strong enough to feel secure! ❤️❤️❤️Them!

-D. Brock



The Stretchlaces work perfectly! Bought the 45" for my 10-year-old's Chuck Taylors so she doesn't have to tie and untie them every time she puts them on and off...The shoes stay tight and slip right on... Much faster! Thank you so much!

- Mac