5 Reasons Serious Athletes Wear Elastic Shoelaces

5 Reasons Serious Athletes Wear Elastic Shoelaces


As the day wears on your feet will begin to swell.  For athletes, the swelling starts as soon as you get the blood pumping.  Long distance runners are familiar with swelling feet and the need to adjust their laces during their run. Elastic shoelaces will flex and stretch with your expanding foot, and continue to provide comfort throughout your workout.   



Too tight? Too loose?  Create customizable tension with stretchy shoelaces that maintain a firm and secure grip while giving you freedom with any movement.  Stretch shoelaces will conform to your foot and help to improve blood flow and circulation. Get freedom from pain, and don’t feel constrained.



Alleviates pressure point pain, and provides a general reduction in pain, enabling you to focus on your workout.  No more painful hot spots to slow you down, the added comfort will having you trying your best, longer.



Whether you’re in a hurry for gym class, running out the door to walk the dog, or working on shortening your triathlon times, elastic shoelaces have all the transitions covered.  Makes it easy to get where you need to go. Save time and stop hassling with traditional shoelaces. 



There’s nothing like a new pair of kicks to get you excited to hit another PR.  Don’t mess with elastic shoelaces that have annoying hardware to install, or make your shoes look silly.  With The Original Stretchlace there’s no burdensome hardware bouncing against your foot, allowing you to focus on performance and hit those goals.


Here's what fellow athletes have to say about our Original Stretchlaces:


Great shoelaces!!! I am a long distance runner (Full and Half Marathons) and I run over 1600 miles a year. One of the most frustrating things for a runner is having to stop and tie their shoelaces or stopping to loosen them up because they are getting too tight. You see as you run your feet will start to swell a little bit causing your shoelaces to be too tight. Not with these shoelaces... tie them once and forget about them! Once you have them the way you want them tied you will never have to tie them again, but if you are a runner like me you will find that these laces will expand with your feet. You will never have to adjust them. There great and they last forever it seems. Highly recommend these high-quality shoelaces!!!

- R Lierman



I have ordered elastic shoelaces for all my laced shoes for the last several years. It saves me time every single morning as I slip my athletic shoes on rather than fumble with the laces to get them ‘just so’. I love them !

- Martha Luber



I put these on my gym shoes. Every little thing I can do to make going to the gym less of a hassle adds up to extra days a year that I actually go to the gym, and over the long haul, that's really good :D Thanks for making these, and letting me turn my "regular" shoes into convenient slip-ons. Super happy with them

- D. Roland Hess