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50 Mom-Invented Products Our Editors Love - Red Tricycle

We all know there’s nothing like a mom for getting things done. They do it on a daily basis and often in the face of public meltdowns and wild animal-like antics. We’ve scoured the scene for new or noteworthy mom-invented projects, and we’re totally inspired. These mom bosses have grabbed ideas from daily life to create some awesome products that we can’t live without. Scroll through to see them all.

photo: Original Stretchlace

Mornings Made Easy: The Original Stretchlace

It was during the morning-prep-for-school chaos when Jamie Montz came up with the idea for the Original Stretchlace. She had three boys all in different stages of learning to tie their shoes—the oldest still needed help re-lacing high tops, the middle was mastering tying (at a less-than-ideal pace) and the little one wanted to ditch the velcro for laces like his brothers. Oh boy! Jamie knew there had to be a better way so she scoured the market for elastic laces that looked good enough and instead she found elastic laces with locks, clips, clasps and boring colors. That wasn't going to cut it so the Original Stretchlace was born!


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