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Think Twice About Giving Teachers A Gift

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Soon, the bell will ring one last time this school year. Your child will sign yearbooks, say goodbye to friends for the summer, and out the door they will go! Teachers will be both relieved they made it through one more school year, yet sad to see the children they have bonded with all year leave their classroom one last time.


As a parent, your job is to raise your children to the very best of your ability. If you choose not to homeschool your children and send them to school, like me, you have chosen to entrust your child to a teacher or group of teachers. You chose to trust them enough to watch over your little one, teach them, and take care of their every need while they are away from you. 

Children are in school on average for 35 hours each week during the school year. If your child sleeps an average of 9 hours per night that leaves them awake at home for around 8 hours a day TOTAL which means that your child is spending almost as much time at school as they are at home. I say all of that to say, your child’s teacher has an incredible amount of responsibility in helping YOU raise your child. 

For that, you should be grateful and overly appreciate them for all their hard work. You may fail at times as a parent, so don’t be too hard on your child’s teacher if you disagree with a few things they have or have not done this past school year. They give it their all just like you do. Yes, they may get paid for it, but teachers are some of the most underpaid and unappreciated people out there! 

After talking to roughly 20 teachers from all different schools, I have a few tips on ideas of ways you can show your appreciation. We all know that by the time a teacher retires, they could fill a whole classroom with useless trinkets, mugs, plaques, and miscellaneous “number one teacher” gifts. Let’s take a look at what the teachers themselves recommended for gift ideas and stay clear of some of those not so great choices!

But first,

Here is what I did for my daughter’s teacher this year. It was her first year of school. She officially graduated from kindergarten last night! It has been a bit of a tough year for her. She struggled with her reading but by the end of the year, after a lot of work from us AND TONS of work from her teacher, she is now reading and doing much better! I decided to get a little creative with her gift this year. Kindergarten is not a grade I could teach… kudos to all you kindergarten teachers! 

First, I came up with a little note for her teacher to thank her for all that she did for my daughter. Then, I thought of gifts that could be a symbol of those “thank you”s. I bought all the gifts and then found pics online (or at least pictures close to what I gave her) and typed up the note in a story type of post like this…

The Thirty-One Around The Clock Thermal made an excellent, functional gift bag. I love using “gift bags” that are useable after the fact instead of just thrown in the trash. We stuffed all sorts of little gifts inside and then tucked the note in it. 

teachers gift

A few of the items I included were a giant eraser that said, “Let’s try that again”. I found that very suiting for kindergarten. They are just starting with the constructive learning process which means they had a lot of mistakes. That is ok because they can always do it again!!

teachers gift

I included some SweeTarts because one thing kindergarteners learn is how to be sweet to their new friends. It is a hard thing when they are this young but probably more important than anything else! I added a million dollar chocolate bar. I don’t know how your child’s teacher is but my daughter’s teacher went above and beyond to make sure my daughter felt like a million bucls every day. I even added The Original Strechlace Shoe Laces. Another thing my daughter learned is that school is fun! Learning and fun should always be “tied together”. 

teachers gift

My daughter is at a Christian school. I love the fact that they incoorperate Bible memory, Bible stories, and prayer into their daily routine. My daughter learned a lot about the power of prayer this school year. Her and her class spent a lot of time praying for many people but especially her Papa who has been very sick this year. She has seen God answer the prayers!

teachers gift

I found a lot of this at Hobby Lobby and some of it online. 

teachers gift

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