The 13 Travel Gifts Dad Would Love 2019

Gift dad the best things he can take with him when on the road.

Our old pops’ have many needs; they could use a helping hand to get it right.

One of the areas you could help him improve on is his traveling experience. Here are our top picks for the best travel gifts dad would love.

#1 Acme Made North Point Venturer Backpack

The Acme Made North Point Venturer Backpack travel product recommended by Daneen Kiger on Lifney.

The Acme Made North Point Venturer Backpack is ideal for commuting to work, school or jumping on a plane as a carry on. It’s large, rectangular interior with roll-top closure has plenty of room for books, paperwork or a jacket. Along with a dedicated padded laptop compartment. Acme Made Stretch Skin™ material offers a supple feel with stain resistance performance.

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#2 The Original Stretchlace

The The Original Stretchlace travel product recommended by Jamie Montz on Lifney.

Dad needs these simple but game changing shoe laces for travel. Imagine, Dad pulling his shoes off and putting them back on with ease while he’s at countless security lines. He’ll be whizzing by everyone and whistling your name on how clever you are. Just like Dad, simple but life changing!

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8 Perfect Traveling Gifts For Teens | Travel Gifts For Teens 2019

Gifts to keep the teens not bored while traveling.

Keeping teens entertained while traveling these days is a hard job, not because there’s little entertainment around for them, but because there’s so much! Infinite options of games, series, comics, instant messaging and many more things to distract them while on the road.

Are they even looking at the scenery? You might not be able to make them quit this stuff, but you can gift them something to motivate them to enjoy the traveling experience and help them along the road.

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