2019 Holiday Gift Guide - Life with Kathy



Stretch shoelaces that turn every shoe into a slip-on, giving you the freedom to wear whatever shoes you like while elevating comfort, and providing ultimate ease-of-use.

These time-saving, simple life-hack shoelaces are ideal for anyone, and turn every lace up boot or shoe into a slip-on!  Imagine no more bending over touching wet wintery laces, instead keep your fingers dry and slip on your shoes.  Slip-on boots can you imagine?  We have a customer that uses these on her Doc Maartens, and she gave us a rave review..

They provide a firm, flexible, supportive grip and they look just like regular shoe laces (incognito!) no locks, clips or clasps to deal with.

These laces are great for when you want to just slip on your shoes. I personally love slipping on my shoes, so it’s nice to have laces where you can actually do that. These are wonderful laces!