Do you suffer from plantar fasciitis?  I had never heard of this common foot problem until a couple of years ago when my oldest began having issues during lacrosse season.

You see in my house, we joke about my husband genetically having "weak feet" he's been known to break his toes, once, twice, maybe three times?  Similarly, while visiting, my mother-in-law stubbed her toe on our kitchen stool (something I do on the daily) and her baby toe pointed perpendicular to the rest of her foot (OUCH).  She handled it like a pro, calmly taped her baby toe to the other and said, "This is how you take care of it." Hmmmm, this is when I lovingly informed my husband that his weak feet were a result of genetics.  Well fast forward to a couple years later, and here I'm faced with a kiddo that can't walk, and is hobbling through his games.  Dang, he got the weak feet gene, too.

I grew up in a home where it was customary to remove our shoes.  I come from a long lineage of barefoot walkers.  I follow this tradition in my house.  I normally walk around barefoot or wearing thin socks.  My husband prefers to wear his house slippers, or if he needs more cushioning his indoor Crocs - he mistakenly mentioned to me once that his feet needed the support (weak feet!)  Knock on wood, I've never had an issue.  I had no idea such an array of shoe inserts existed, ranging in price from $10 through $400!  One night after a late game my other son complained about his heels hurting.  So there I was at 9:45 PM, perusing the shoe insert aisle at Walgreen's.  The nice Manager (thanks Jim!) walked me through his pro tips in dealing with plantar fasciitis - Red Wing Shoes and Superfeet Insoles - he is now healed but it was a process.

Have foot issues become more prevalent as we have grown accustomed to having our shoes on at all times?  Not only that, we are constantly padding and protecting our feet, have you seen the soles on running sneakers, Hoka's? They appear to be 3-inch high soles.

Are the muscles in our feet growing weak as each generation moves along?  Could going barefoot consistenly could help to rebuild the muscles in your feet?  Share your personal experience, and settle the debate - Are my husband's feet weak?  :)

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